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The journey continues

10 years later with new goals in sight

Even this day the sun is shining when in my car I am approaching Borlänge, and see the tower of Stora Tuna Church in the distance.

I feel the inspiration in my body to relive the memories from when I used to explore Borlänge with surroundings as a little chap, and I remember how big the city was when I came from a little town like Mariefred to the “big city” where my mother grew up.

Here you can find large factories and lots of big stores, if I recall correctly. Then there is Maserhallen, Borlänge, which made a huge impression on a little boy.

But most exciting of all was probably when I, as a kid, by myself would walk to Uncle Stig, who lived in Bullermyren, from aunt Irma’s apartment down by Soltorget. An exciting walk, and if you were lucky, a large train would pass by for you to watch before you could cross the railroad tracks.

My uncle Stig worked at the Kvarnsveden paper mill and used to tell stories about his job and the big rolls of paper. He and my mother came from a family of sheet metal workers with many children where, sadly enough, the father Axel had passed away way too soon, which meant that the brothers in the family at an early age had to take on the responsibility for supporting the family.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop two of them from becoming successful and well-known. One was the eldest brother, Erland, who later invented Andersson’s bark removal machine, which is still in use in many sawmills. The other one was Arne Andersson, who used to box for BK Masen and Borlänge Sportklubb before he moved to America. However, he returned to box in Sweden on a few occasions, and even won a Swedish Championship medal.

It wasn’t until much later, that I came to spend a great many of my own years in America, with Arne and his family in Florida.

I decide to park the car in central Borlänge and walk Hagavägen up toward Soltorget and then Bullermyren. As I pass by, I stop at Hotell Galaxen, where a Beer & Whisky Festival is planned to be held in the late fall.

While I’m walking, a mix of new and old impressions fly around in my head, many changes since my childhood memories from the mid 60s, but on a side street I recognize the Björke family’s house. I will never forget the big model railroad the son had in the basement.

A lot of people are out this beautiful day, pottering about in their gardens. In my inner pocket I have a photograph of what I think is my mother’s old school, which I thought I’d find out if it is still there. I stop and ask a few people who are out, but no one recognizes it and I don’t really know where it was situated, since the family had moved around in Borlänge and its surroundings.

All of a sudden it occurs to me, that it is now 10 years since I decided to start making vodka after a visit to my father’s childhood home, a product and a business who have given me so much joy and amazing connections.

I take the car to Mellsta Camping, where we used to have our camper parked, and sit down with a java. My thoughts start spinning again with bilberries, lingonberries, forest, spruce shoots and juniper shrubs – and there we have it!

Runa is going to make a gin which smells like when you open up the tent canvas a spring morning and breathe in the scent of forest. It should of course, like the other products of Runa, mainly be enjoyed pure and have its own characteristics.

Swedish nature

A little later, I turn to Sankta Anna’s distillery, to ask if they want to make our gin.

It is of great interest, and together we develop a Runa Small Batch gin. At the same time, I find out that the entire production is being moved to Mockfjärd.

Could it be any better? This means that Runa Gin will be produced in Dalecarlia, just like I wanted!

In the spring of 2015, Runa Small Batch gin was introduced to Systembolaget’s order selection, and everyone was given the opportunity to experience the wonderful taste and smell of an organic gin.

However, I want more, and influence the board of Runa Vodka AB to let me make another unique gin, based on refinement of old seasonings and new ideas.

This means that Runa is taking the first step towards a yellow gin, which will be matured to get just the right character and color. To my knowledge, in the spring of 2015, no other manufacturer in Sweden had adopted the idea of developing the old processes of aging yellow gin, which dates back far in time.

A yellow gin is aged until a certain desired character is reached. There are no limitations as to which barrels should be used, or for how long.

I chose to age the gin in Juniper wood, since it gives us the character we seek. After 7 months of maturing, we were pleased, and the first tapping of 324 bottles took place in Mockfjärd.

Since the idea was born in Borlänge, with my mother’s school photo in my inner pocket, the choice of name for this product was simple; Runa Old School Yellow Gin, because that’s exactly what this refined product is:

“The old-school manufacturing process of a yellow gin”


故事要从2004年六月初夏说起,在瑞典中部风景如画的小城玛丽费莱德,下午一点的钟声响起时 ,刚吃完午饭,我跨上哈雷路王骑行在蜿蜒的道路上。放眼望去,湖光森林还有平原尽收眼底,景色壮丽如画。






当他们绕过一个新国家的海角时是否也像我加速通过弯道前或者越过山岭前一般对前路充满期待 亦或者他们也像那些首次上太空或登月的人那样对新的人生体验充满憧憬? 也许他们也有像我看到猎物落在地上时那样欢喜。 这些斯堪的纳维亚维京人幸福吗? 他们是否也热爱他们的家人和朋友? 他们是否为了糊口而只能艰苦劳作? 他们的身心是否安逸? 这些问题科学家和历史学者没有答案,给我们留下了足够的想象空间。谁知道呢,也许有一天历史会给我们答案呢!

Gripsholm Castle
Gripsholm Castle

稍后,当我从梦境中醒来,我觉的自己身上充满一种力量,这力量让我想向世人分享这个美妙而无以言表的诗一般的故事 当我被这想法打动后,我跨上我的哈雷伴着夏日秀丽的夜色缓缓驰向家的方向。 如何才能将这绝妙的感觉分享给他人? 在我骑行时,这个想法不停在我脑海中盘桓 。 当我路过那条去往科瑞普斯霍姆城堡和它所属酒厂的大道时,我停在路边,熄火并眺望这温暖夏夜的美景。 薄暮中,我看到小鹿从藏身处出来漫步于水边,寻找着食物。 是的,我们都是上帝的造物,一切众生,皆以各自的方式寻找着食物和生存之道。我再次点火,像往常一样,引擎的隆隆声和我共振。



此时我 有些疲惫,但是经过这次美妙的追忆,我毫无睡意。 进屋后我径直走向冰箱,倒上一杯加冰的伏特加,伴着冰块撞击的杯壁的咔啦声,我在游廊坐下享受着夜的静谧。 这时,我记起远在地球另一端的堂兄曾经对问过我:

你能否找到向世人分享斯堪的纳维亚文化的方法,来描述那 种历史的厚重感:对美对勇气和纯净的感触。

The distillery at Gripsholm Castle













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