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Runa Vodka of Scandinavia | anno 2012

Runa Vodka's unique bottle design
Runa Vodka's unique bottle design

Welcome to Runa Vodka!
Scandinavia's most exciting vodka, designed in the middle of the Swedish Kingdom of Crystal!

Time goes fast when you have fun and we do have fun at Runa Vodka AB (publ) together with our customers and partners.

We are so excited, we forget to review and adjust our website!

Therefore, we have decided to design a brand new page, expected to be completed in spring 2019, and hope that You may be understanding to certain tasks being out of date until the new page is completed. You can also find current information on Facebook

Runa Vodka and Gin can be found in Systembolaget's ordering range in Sweden. Our products are also available on the Birka and Eckerö lines and in Germany at Nielsen Burg / Fehmarn.

For more information contact us at


Susanne Nybacka

Susanne Nybacka
Chairman of the Board


Runa Vodka products are bottled in 70cl bottles.

EU agriculture logoRuna Vodka and Runa Gin are certified products which meet the requirements of organic products.