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Scandinavia Today


Scandinavia can be interpreted in different ways, and below follow a few different explanations.

One way is to interpret the cultural Scandinavia, to which Sweden, Norway and Denmark belong.

Another interpretation is the geographical, which includes Sweden, Norway and northwestern Finland. This is due to the fact, that the Scandinavian Mountains run through these areas.

There is an additional way of looking at it. This matches neither the geographical nor the cultural descriptions, but is used by large parts of Scandinavia’s surroundings and has therefore become one of the most common interpretations. In this aspect, Sweden, Norway, Denmark (including the Faeroe Islands, but not necessarily Greenland), Finland and Iceland are included in Scandinavia

We at Runa Vodka use the cultural interpretation of Scandinavia, with the addition of Iceland. The reason for this is that we look at the vast background and origin that we share together with the Icelandics, since Iceland once was discovered, and populated by, Vikings.