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Environmental Policy


Runa Vodka wants to be, and be associated with being, responsible and pursuing in the work for the environment. We are constantly looking for new knowledge and technique to improve our environmental work.

Our goal is to purchase ecologically from producers as close to our own production site as possible. Ecologically grown means grown without chemical additives, pesticides and artificial manuring. All products must be traceable back to the plant and batch of manufacture via code or open-dating on the package of the product. The origin of incoming raw products has to be traceable, and gene manipulated crops can not be used in the production.

The packaging should be marked according to set regulations to make recycling easier. Runa Vodka will strive for a high content of recycled glass in their bottles. Packaging containing PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) will not be used

Runa Vodka is committed to working actively on how our operation affects the climate and environment. Through an on-going dialogue with business partners and co-workers in the daily production, we will make decisions on how to affect the environment in the least possible way and minimize the letting out of green house gases.

In order to decrease the letting out of carbon dioxide, suppliers who offer manufacturing with renewable energy will be prioritized.

Runa Vodka will by communicating clearly give reports on its environmental work internally, as well as externally. The viewpoints of clients and business partners on how to improve and develop our environmental policy will strongly be taken into consideration in order to improve the business.

Runa Vodka will also educate and update co-workers and business partners to give them knowledge of the environmental laws and regulations and make sure that these are followed. Routines for the environment and the work to protect it will regularly be inspected and evaluated.



Green Dot is a trademark, showing package fee is paid in the country where the packaged product is sold. In Sweden FTI upholds licence for Green dot. Runa Vodka AB (publ) is connected to FTI, to fullfill our responsibility towards producers.

SVENSK GLASÅTERVINNING Glass recycling saves natural resources and energy. When recycled glass is melted into new glass it requires 20% less energy compared to starting from raw materials. Runa Vodka has signed an agreement with Svensk Glasåtervinning.